Harsh Warrdhan


Personal Info

  • Height: 5' 4" (1.63 m)


Harsh Warrdhan was born into a family of engineers in Nagpur, a small town, in India. He was an enthusiastic photographer and wanted to study it further but due to pressure from family he reluctantly enrolled into an engineering college. While doing engineering, he was exposed to the craft of cinematography thanks to a local cinematographer. He again tried to drop out after second year, this time to pursue formal cinematography training, and again his mother persuaded him to finish the remaining two years and get the engineering degree. Unknown to his parents, he started applying to film schools in U.S. and the year he graduated in mechanical engineering, he went to Los Angeles to study cinematography at Columbia College, Hollywood. After a year, he switched his major to Cinema (Writing-Directing). He started writing as it was the cheapest skill to practice amongst all departments of filmmaking. Unhappy with almost everything he was writing he kept trashing fully written screenplays while freelancing on film productions in whatever capacity he could. After a struggle that lasted a decade, he and a friend self financed an ultra-indie film called A Secret Handshake, which he wrote & directed. The film got limited theatrical release and found its audience on home video and cable. After migrating back to India, Harsh met a publisher at a social event and he casually mentioned a story he was writing. The publisher liked the idea so much that she persuaded him to write a novel on the subject. In 2014, he wrote When Hari Met His Saali (A word play on When Harry Met Sally) where Hari is the name of the protagonist and Saali in Hindi means Sister-in-law. The novel became a best seller and he is adapting it for the screen with him as a director. in 2018, he wrote and directed a film titled ‘#MeToo’, a realistic road thriller, 80% of which takes place in the interior of a car running on a highway. It is the first Indian film shot with two Anamorphic cameras placed inside a car. The film is slated to release in 2019.