Raj Kumar Gupta

raj kumar gupta


Raj Kumar Gupta made his debut as a writer & director with the critically acclaimed and commercially successful ‘Aamir’ (2008). Shot with a shoestring budget, guerilla style on the streets of Mumbai, this edgy thriller established Raj Kumar as a filmmaker to look out for and garnered several award nominations in the Best Debut Director category that year. After penning the screenplay of ‘Barah Aana’ (2009), Raj Kumar Gupta wrote and directed ‘No One Killed Jessica’ (2011), based on the true story of the murder of Jessica Lal and the controversial trial of the case. This powerful drama featuring Rani Mukerjee and Vidya Balan drew rave reviews and set the box-office ringing. Nominated for several awards including the prestigious Filmfare & Screen Awards in the Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay categories, ‘No One Killed Jessica’ catapulted the filmmaker into the big league. In 2013, Raj Kumar Gupta shifted gears by surprising his audience with the suspense comic caper ‘Ghanchakkar’. Starring Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan, the film drew an extremely divided response from both critics and viewers, but confirmed that the filmmaker wasn’t going to play by the conventional rules set by the industry. Raj Kumar Gupta made his debut as a producer in 2016 with a short film titled “Aaba” under his production house Raapchik Films Pvt. Ltd. which premiered at Berlin Film Festival 2017 in the Generation K Plus Category and went on to win the prestigious International Jury Prize for Best Short film in its category.