Hacked (2020)

Thriller | 118 min

Movie Story

Vivek is a hacker who gets girls angry by hacking their phones and laptops. Sameera’s also loses her job because of his hacking. Sameera and Rohan decide to teach a lesson to Vivek but Sameera ends up assassinating Vivek. The hacking action of Vivek however saves Sameera from the clutches of law. How this occurs is illustrated in the climax.

Zee Studios presents Hacked
In association with Loneranger Productions Pvt. Ltd.
Produced by: Amar Thakar, Krishna Bhatt, Jatin Sethi
DOP: Prakash Kutty
Edited by: Kuldip Mehan
Choreography: Shabina Khan
Action: Abbas Ali Moghul
Production Designers: Priya and Satya
Lyrics: Same as music
Written by: Vikram Bhatt
Dialogues: Vikram Bhatt, Srivinay Salian
Associate Screenplay: LRP writer’s room
Audiography: Adil Sheikh
Sound Design: Shantanu Akerkar& Dinesh Uchil
Visual Promotions: Just Right Studioz
CFO: Farooque Jahangir
Technical Supervisor: Anand Singh Rajput
Music by Zee Music Company

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Trailer: Hacked


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