Rocket Gang (2022)

Comedy, Drama, Fantasy | 121
rocket gang

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Rocket Gang-A group of 5 friends, go to a resort called “Wonder-villa”, at night while playing with a spirit board, they summon the ghosts of 5 children (the children had been with them the whole day, but they didn’t know they were dead), the kids with their dance coach ‘Tony’ torture them, then make them dance and sing, the 5 friends escape, but one of them ‘Amarbir’ looks back and sees the sad faces of the children, afterwards he has a dream which makes him realize the a year ago he and his friends were driving on a hilly road, they were careless and were clicking selfies ‘Amarbir’ swerved the car but the bus with the 5 kids crashed and fell down the kill, killing them and their coach, the 5 friends felling guilty decide to repay the kids by letting them use their bodies to go to ‘DID’ and dance as they always wanted, the kids wanting to dance again for their mothers, agree and eventually they reach the finals of the dance show, but the artifact the friends had made to make the kids visible to the world broke, thee kids crying prayed to God to help them just one time for their mothers, God grants their wish making them visible to everyone and their families and they along with the friends dance one last time, winning the hearts of the judges, hosts, their opponents and parents, as the dance ended the kids turned into golden butterflies and leave for heaven as they are finally at peace.

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rocket gang

Trailer: Rocket Gang

Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

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