Recently released is the interesting movie poster, character poster and trailer of Bhoot Police with Saif Ali Khan, Arjun Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez and Yami Gautam. The trailer for the upcoming horror comedy, written by Pavan Kripalani and produced by Ramesh Taurani and Akshay Puri promises an adventure full of hilarious rollercoaster rides, and lilting paranormal elements. While Arjun’s film has already been released on OTT, this is the first time that one of Saif’s projects has gone digital.
The film will be produced by Tips Industries Ltd and 12th Street Entertainment and will be the first to bring together Khan and Gautam Khan on screen.

After much anticipation, the creators released the trailer for the film on Wednesday. Bhoot Police is due to be released in cinemas on September 10, but will be released in cinemas on September 17 due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic.

In the highly anticipated trailer for the film, Arjun Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan respectively will play Vibhooti and Chiraunji respectively in the fake ghost hunter  movie bhoot police. In the film, Jacqueline plays Kanika and Yami Gautam plays Maya, which adds drama and glamour to the film. In addition to Saif and Arjun’s brilliant performances, filmmaker Pavan Kirpalani has managed to combine elements from horror films. Two beautiful ladies like Jacqueline and Yami bring a twist and charm never seen before with Arjun and Saif as two tantrics.


Watch Trailer of Bhoot Police

The two-and-a-half minute Bhoot Police trailer shows Saif Ali Khan’s Vibhooti and Baba Arjun Chiraunji as tantrics helping to drive negative spirits out of their homes. While Saif’s character, Vibhooti, rejects ghostbusting as a profession out of greed, Arjun’s character takes his job very seriously as he has a great sense of responsibility. So while Saif pretends to be Baba and Vibhooti and uses sex and alcohol to catch spirits, Arjun turns to books, or more precisely to a certain book he calls Baba Ki Kitab, to ward off the forces of the supernatural.

In the trailer, they are joined by Jacqueline Fernandez, who embarks on a spooky and hilarious journey to ward off evil spirits living in a small mountain town. The trailer promises a fair amount of laughter and trepidation before revealing that the superstitious Arjuns character Chiraunji is in fact the ghost of the equally superstitious Saifs character Vibhooti.

The movie trailer shows Saif and Arjun Kapoor’s characters performing fake exorcism rituals in a Desi version of Ghostbusters to make money. When the trailer was released, fans couldn’t wait for the film to be released. On the one hand, Arjun Kapoor seems to have a serious smile in the trailer, but Saif’s one-liners will make you smile. Many are in awe of his witty character and the brilliant mix of horror and comedy seems to have swept the audience away.

Speaking to the media during the interaction, Arjun gave an insight into his character, saying that he doesn’t believe in ghost stories and witches, but that he likes the film’s script. ‘I don’t really believe in ghosts, stories or witches, but I liked the script. When Rameshji (producer R Jamesh Taurani) shared the script with me, I said to him that I liked his statement that 90% of India believes in ghosts and witches and 10% do not.
While Arjun Kapoor is a superstitious believer; Saif Ali Khan is a northern Indian who does not believe in ghosts and superstitions. An adventurous journey through the hills of northern India is a wild experience and Jacqueline Fernandez and Yami Gautam play important roles. Saif’s mission is not to turn their lives upside down, but Arjun, Yami and Jacquelines take you on a hilarious journey as they go head to head with an evil spirit.

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